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We offer you professional and honest financial advice. Our NACFB accredited mortgage brokers offer you a personalised consultation that draws on years of experience as both lenders and mortgage intermediaries. This expertise ensures that you will always receive the best advice as to which is the most appropriate loan for your needs.

Bridging rates from 0.59%

Whether you are purchasing commercial or residential property, either at auction or through an estate agent, or you are raising capital on an existing property or portfolio, we offer you a fair and flexible service, providing a quick and efficient response to your enquiries. We draw on our extensive contacts network in the loan and mortgage industry to ensure you receive the most competitive rates, the most appropriate structure and we look to ensure you have a valid exit strategy. Our service is flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs. Whether you require a large or long-term loan, or have to complete quickly, we provide maximum flexibility and reliability. Our industry expertise ensures that we will meet your loan requirements as quickly as possible.

For a fast bridging loan, development or mezzanine finance, light refurbishment mortgage, or a second charge loan at market leading rates, speak to our advisors today.

Call us on 0800 6 44 66 10 or email us at info@bridgingfinancespecialists.co.uk

to see how Bridging Finance Specialists can help you to secure property finance.

Bridging Loans

We work with the most respected lenders in the industry to ensure that you get a quick and reliable decision. we work hard to ensure you get all the core benefits of a bridging loan at a low rate and with a competitive fee structure.

Bridging Finance is perfect for those needing a quick completion, those looking to refurbish or renovate a property in poor repair or perhaps a dilapidated property, and those wishing to break free of a protracted property chain and complete the property purchase or fund a development project.

At Bridging Finance Specialists our priority is offering you a fair, transparent, and quick mortgage service. We take an interest in your exit plan ("take out") so that, If things take longer than first planned it's comforting to know you are working with respected lenders who will work with you were necessary to ensure a clean transition onto alternative finance or onward sale.

In short, at Bridging Finance we provide you with a personal service, working closely alongside you and our lenders to ensure that your best interests remain a priority. Our business is built on close relations with our clients and personal recommendations, so that you can rest assured that you will always receive a personal and reliable service throughout.

Please contact us or see Bridging Loans for more information.

We won't be beaten on price

Development Finance

If you are looking for development finance for a residential development, a mixed-use scheme or commercial development, then our team of Directors have a lifetime's experience in structuring commercial development finance.

Our years of experience, stretching from the simplest builds to the far more complex multi-unit schemes, often running into the value of tens of millions of pounds, ensure that we are perfectly equipped to provide you with a level of expertise not easily surpassed. Our detailed understanding of the planning, legal and financial frameworks which accompany such developments has proved invaluable in helping many of our clients to successfully complete their ventures and we can tailor a loan to your specific requirements whilst guiding you through the various obstacles that can present themselves in this type of deal.

We not only arrange finance, we also provide advisory services dependent on your specific requirements.

Please contact us or see Development Finance for more information.

Call us on 0800 6 44 66 10 or email us at info@bridgingfinancespecialists.co.uk

to see how Bridging Finance Specialists can help you to secure property finance.



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We ensure you have a clear loan exit strategy
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Bridging Finance Specialist Brokers are all qualified and accredited by the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers. This ensures that as a client of BFS, you will only get introduced to reputable lenders, that rates and fees are competitive, and that terms and conditions are clearly laid out and explained. Your application will be presented professionally to prospective lenders and our association with the NACFB dictates that we adhere to a strict code of practise that is registered with the office of fair trading.

Market Rates

last updated: 12.18
Fri 3rd February 2017
Property Value (£)
Interest Rate (%/£ month)
0.65% / £812.50
1.25% / £4,375
1.00% / £4,200
1.25% / £8,750
The above table should give you a quick insight into the associated costs with taking a Bridging Loan. These rates change regularly. We advise you to Contact Us so we can find the best Bridging Loan for you.

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We understand short term bridging and development finance, which makes for a fast and efficient service for you.
Giving you the confidence at auction to make safe bids on properties.
We work with you and provide advice to ensure there is a clearly defined exit strategy when entering into a short term bridging loan.
Second charge (or second mortgage) can be a viable alternative to re-mortgaging when looking to raise money against a property.
Development funding expertise and advice that goes well beyond the remit of a lending intermediary.